We’re pleased to announce that Electric City Love Con will be held at:

Radisson at Lackawanna Station Hotel

Scranton, Pennsylvania

August 1-2, 2025

***Stay tuned for Author Announcements!***

If you’re an author, please fill out our author form:

Love Con Author Form 2025

***As of 10/27/23 we are accepting names for our waiting list. ***

If you’re a cover model, narrator, or bookish vendor, please fill out this interest form:

Cover Model/Narrator/Vendor Interest Form

Are you interested in Electric City Love Con 2026? It will be held August 7-8 in Scranton, Pa.

If you’re an author, you can apply here:Love Con Author Form 2026 

We’ve added a second space at Electric City Love Con!

We’ve secured a second signing space, the exclusive Train Shed Party Venue at the Radisson at Lackawanna Station. This indoor/outdoor space will be totally enclosed, so you will be protected from the elements while still having an amazing view of the Steamtown Train Yard and some of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The main entrance/registration area will start in the Train Shed and will flow through the hotel and into the Grad Ballroom. Having this beautiful space means we’re able to bring even more authors to the Electric City Love Con Attendees!!

Who Are Our Attending Authors?

This list will be updated as our authors are announced. It’s up to date as of Sept. 13, 2023

Aislinn Archer

AK Landow

A.L. Maruga

Alexandra Hale

Ali Brooke

Ali Mari

Alisha Williams

Amy Gale

Amber Joi Scott

Amber Nicole

A.N. Waugh

Andrew Grey

Angel Rayne

Aria Wyatt

Ashley A. Quinn

Autumn Marie

Barbara Nolan

Beck Grey

Becke Turner

Bella Michaels

Beth Gelman

Blake Allwood

Briana Michaels

Breanna Lynn

Callie Sky

Cara Dion

Caridad Pineiro

Carolyn La Roche

Carrie Jacobs

Cassandra Medcalf

CB Noy 

Chantal Mer

Charli Rahe

C.J. Welles

Connor Peterson

Cori Zahara

Corin Dively

Cristina Lollabrigida

D.D. Lorenzo

Dakotah Gumm

Dawnlyn Holman

Duckie Mack

E. Elizabeth Watson

Elie Waters

Elle Backenstoe

Emilia Rose

Erica Alexander

Erin Lynne

Eve Black

Everly Taylor

Gina Ardito

Ginna Moran

Ginni Conquest

Ginny B. Moore

Harlow Layne

Heather Slade

Heidi Lynn

Heleva Risque

Holly Hanzo

Issa Marie

Ivy Blacke

Ivy Penn

Jackie Paxson

Jamie Schmidt

J.B. Havens

Jean Joachim

Jenn Bullard

Jennifer Bonds

Jill Marie Denton

JL Stray

JL Quick

Jodi Payne

Judi Fennell

Judy Kentrus

K. Iwancio

K. Swanson

Karen Cimms

Kata Cuic

Kate Smoak

Katherine Rhodes

Kelly Finley

Kimber Nicole

Kimberley O’Malley

Kitty Berry

KM Scott

Kristie Wolf

Krys Rayne

Lauren Biel

Lara Reagan

L.E. Martin

L.E. Wilson

Linda Eggert

Linda Parisi

Linny Lawless

Liss Montoya

Lucia Catherine

Mason Frost

Meg Fitz

Megan Ryder

Mica Rae

Michelle Miller

Mika Rayne

Mimi Flood

Mina Cole

Miranda Martin

Misty Simon

M.L. Pennock

Monica Hoopes

Natalie Arthur

Nicole Banks

Nicole Sanchez

Nicole Zoltack

Nichole Ruschelle

Norma Marie

Olivia Boothe

Paris Wynters

Peggy Jaeger

Piper Malone

P.H. Nix

Rachelle Nichole

Raven Storm

Rayne Elizabeth

Remy Cavilich

Rory Miles

Ryan Grey

S.A. Sommers

Sabrina Silvers

Samantha Cole

Samantha Michaels

Sara Gonzales

Saylor Ann

Sharon Buchbinder

Shelby Rhodes

Sophie Andrews

Stephanie Julian

Suanne Laqueur

Sue Langford

Tamela Miles

Tara Conrad

Terri Brisbin

Thetta James

Tina Gallagher

TL Mayhew

Tonya Burrows

Victoria Jayne

Wavy Martin

Official Event Designer

Official Event Social Media Influencers

Official Event Photographer

Official Event Tattoo Artists